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May grew up in a small town a long way away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Growing up, some of her fondest memories were to walk to her grandmother’s home and be welcomed with a tray of freshly baked delicious treats. Her grandmother’s delectable pastries, cookies and rolled crepes were unlike anything else.

She told May that that her own grandmother had passed down the recipe to her when she was young. And like her, May also learnt the family recipes. Since those days, May would bake for her friends and family and later her own children.

After moving to the town, her new friends were amazed by May’s baking. Quickly she was known as Gourmet May – something that she would laugh about. Her friends always suggested that she open a bakery, so that they could always eat her delicious treats - even when they were not there to visit May.

After 40 years and with lots of help from loved ones, May decided to package up some of her favourite baked treats. What other name to call her project, than Gourmet May’s.




Each pack of Gourmet Mays Crispy Rolled Crepes are made with the same love and care as when she made them in her home for friends and family.

Using the finest, home-style ingredients, combining them with the care only a mother could have and hand rolling and baking each individual crispy crepe to a golden aromatic crisp.

Gourmet May Crispy Rolled Crepes are delicious, more natural and healthier than many other snacks or cookies in the market today.







Traditionally, these crispy rolled crepes were made to be enjoyed with a pot of tea and hours of good conversation. Although some prefer to enjoy them alone!

“I’ve personally sourced some of the finest teas and created my own special blend to complement the individual flavours of the Crispy Rolled Crepes.

Each pack comes with a free satchel of the tea. Boil up a pot of tea and try it with the Crispy Rolled Crepes. I hope you will enjoy them as much as do”

Blend #18 a luscious and special green tea blend.
Perfectly balanced with wild lavender and hints of
peppermint. Designed to be matched with
Traditional Recipe Crispy Rolled Crepes.

This bonus tea is a tantalising blend of exotic
Chrysanthemum flowers among striking rose petals.
It’s subtlety balanced with Linden and Lemon Balm
for the perfect complement to the
Toasted Coconut Crispy Rolled Crepes.


This bonus tea is a treat to the tastebud.
The blend consists of rare oolong tea infused with
dried fruits of orange, mango and currants to create
a sweet and majestical flavour to compliment the
French Almond Crispy Rolled Crepes.